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How much could you expect to borrow for a home in 2024?

July 11, 2024|

As property prices hit record highs across a number of cities, it’s no surprise that new home loan balances are also nudging towards fresh peaks. Today we’ll reveal what the ‘average’ new home loan is in your state, and provide you with some handy tips to help bring down your [...]

Will home prices keep rising over the next year?

June 27, 2024|

Property prices are expected to keep climbing higher through to mid-2025 – though not everywhere, according to a new report. We reveal where prices are tipped to go up, and where prices are expected to fall. What a crazy financial year it’s been for property prices. Despite a cost of [...]

Rate cuts? Pencil them in for 2025

June 20, 2024|

Put the party pies on ice and postpone those rate-cut celebrations for a while yet. The much-touted rate cuts we’ve been waiting for may not arrive until 2025. Here’s why rates could be staying higher for longer, and how to take action yourself. June saw the Reserve Bank of Australia [...]

Is a tree or sea change on your horizon?

June 13, 2024|

Fresh air, no bumper-to-bumper traffic and more affordable home prices. There’s plenty of appeal in regional living, including a chance to potentially reduce your home loan. The classic tune ‘Home among the gum trees’ is fast becoming a lifestyle anthem for a growing number of Aussies. A surging number of [...]

First home buyers turn to Bank of Nan and Pop

May 30, 2024|

Nan and Pop have always been good for birthday money, but one-in-10 grandparents are taking their generosity to the next level: helping their grandkids buy a first home. Most of us have special memories of pocketing a few treats from Granny and Gramps. But it turns out those small gestures [...]

Low deposit scheme helps over 150,000 families buy sooner

May 9, 2024|

Whether you’re rat running your local streets, or have a knack for always picking the fast-moving supermarket queue – everyone loves a good time-saving hack. Well, today we’ll let you in on a scheme that could get you into your first home years – yep years – sooner! When you’re [...]