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PFP Private Wealth is a financial planning firm that specialises in guiding our clients through both their accumulation and pension phase of their lives.

Clients typically come to us with a goal of building wealth so that they can have a greater chance to achieve the retirement that they are hoping for. Together, we sit down and devise a plan that gives our clients a light at the end of the tunnel, so they can see that their goals can be a reality. The earlier a client comes to us the better chance we have to put them on the right path.

We look at our client’s whole financial position, which includes reviewing what savings can be made on their existing loans, what tax strategies we can implement to save some tax and what investment options they are currently undertaking to achieve wealth. Importantly, our clients must feel comfortable with strategies we suggest so that they can actively see their goals developing. A large portion of a clients wealth is in superannuation and we look closely at this to ensure their super is adequate for their goals and is being reviewed on a regular basis.

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