PFP Wealth Group consists of three seperate companies. PFP Lending which is a mortgage broking company, PFP Private Wealth which is a Financial Planning company and PFP Accounting being an accounting firm. We all work together to provide you with the quality advice in a wide range areas that you would expect from such a diverse business

The PFP Difference

Why choose us.

It’s hard to understand why anyone would go directly to a bank for a home or investment home loan these days. When you go to a bank, they will give you the option of only their available loan products, which is usually limited to around 5 or so options. When you come to PFP Lending, we have access to the same products that the banks have, however we have around 35 additional lenders to choose from, not just the one bank. We can therefore show you what the best option is for you and why. And guess what, our service is free.

When it comes to your retirement we quite often get the comment that people didn’t really take much notice of their superannuation until they were in their mid 50’s. Our belief is that you should review your super every year from an early age so that you know it is on track to provide you with the retirement you deserve. We help you to stay on track and build your super.

Tax time can be very confusing, not knowing what you can and cant claim as a tax deduction. Having an experienced team looking after your tax correctly is the first step to ensuring you get the right refund without incurring the ire of the ATO.

Our Values.

Honesty, integrity and old fashion good service are what drives us to meet your high expectations. We build lasting relationships with our clients so we are there for the long term to guide you through your financial journey.

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