Investment Home Loans Central Coast.

PFP Wealth Group are authorised loan specialists, focusing on investment home loans Central Coast. Our head office is located in Tuggerah and we specialise in building wealth through the accumulation phase of our Central Coast clients.

Because we are also licensed financial planners, the majority of our Central Coast clients have some form of investments that usually includes an investment loan. Just like a home loan, there are plenty of options when choosing the right investment loan for you. It is probably more important to get this type of loan right from the start because there could be tax implications or costly bank fees if you get it wrong.

Speaking to a team of professionals like PFP Wealth Group will put you in the right position with your loan and how it suits your financial position best. Whilst fees and interest rates are very important, there are more important aspects to an investment loan to consider, such as loan terms.  These terms are usually more important than the rate because if you get this wrong it can lead to an unaffordable loan that you just can’t maintain, which could lead to you having to sell the property because you can’t afford it any longer. A thorough discussion about your expectations and future requirements needs to be had to make sure you get this right. Contact our Central Coast team to start the discussion and get the ball rolling on purchasing your investment property.

Investment Home Loans Central Coast – The value of financial advice.

Investment home loans Central Coast

Investment Home Loans Central Coast – The Best Solutions for your Situation

Investing in property means that you need a well planned out strategy. Strategising generally starts with choosing the best investment home loans to help finance your target property. Our team of lending specialists will discuss all your financials and come up with a strategy that best suits your financial position currently. We look around for the best deals and rates, but with the flexibility to do what you need to do. Often the best features of investments loans are those that help to significantly reduce the cost of the loan, helping you to save thousands of dollars a year and get the property paid off faster. You can look into options for your investment loan using a mortgage calculator to get a rough idea of what you could pay.

The Best Features of Investment Home Loans Central Coast

Interest Only Payments

An interest only home loan enables borrowers to pay only the interest for a certain period of time. The principle amount of the loan stays intact for the loan term. Interest only home loans have lower monthly payments, but investors can also take advantage of tax claims by taking out an interest-only loan. This is particularly useful if you are renting out your investment property.

If you pay more interest than you receive in rent for the year, it means that your property is negatively geared. You are then entitled to claim the difference between the amount of your interest repayments and your rental income.

Repayment Holiday

When you invest in property, you often rely on the rental income to cover the majority of the mortgage, if not all of it, however there are instances when the properties are left unoccupied and therefore are unable to supply you with a steady rental income to help cover the mortgage. In cases like this you can take a repayment holiday, meaning you can take a break from making repayments for a certain period of time. Generally for up to 1 year. Generally your lender will only allow this to happen if you are ahead in your payments. The only disadvantage of this is that the interest will continue to accrue so you need to be careful of this.

Offset Account

Another great benefit to an investment home loan is the offset account which you can use to replace your everyday bank account. An offset account is usually used as an alternative to having an extra repayments and redraw facility with the aim of bringing down the interest you pay. The reason an offset account is such a good choice for investment home loans is because you can use it as a place to “stash your cash” while you save for your next investment property, and it also helps in bringing down the interest you pay on your current loan. Saving this money helps them to save enough funds for the next investment property.

Line of Credit Facility

An investment home loan with a line of credit facility means that you are able to access a predetermined amount of credit. This means that you can borrow extra money when you need it without having to apply for another loan.

Generally the amount you borrow is secured against the equity you have in the property.

Frequently asked questions.

In short, nothing for most of our lending options. As a mortgage broker, PFP Lending receives commissions from the bank for any loans that we settle. Therefore, the cost to you is nil. If you went directly to the bank, the bank would pay its staff for getting you a loan, when we do a loan for you the bank simply pays us instead.

For specialised lending like SMSF loans and debt consolidation there may be a fee payable after formal approval, however we will advise you of any fees applicable before you proceed with any finance.

Yes, we hold an Australian Credit Licence, no 378618, and we are a full member of the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia (MFAA). To achieve this level of accreditation the MFAA requires the following:
•    Membership of CIO or the External Dispute Resolution (EDR) Scheme
•    Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance
•    A certified clean National Criminal History Record
•    A Certificate IV Finance and Mortgage Broking FNS40811 or FNS40810
•    A Diploma Finance and Mortgage Broking Management FNS50504 / FNS50311
•    30 hours of continuing professional development per year.

Yes, we have access to around 35 lenders. These lenders comprise of both the big 4 banks, regional banks, non-bank lenders and building societies, as well as several second-tier lenders.

Firstly, we need to establish your personal & financial circumstances and your loan requirements. Once we have this information, we will then use our in-house software to produce a shortlist of several suitable loans and lenders. You will then be advised on the pros and cons of each option, with the final decision being made by you.

No, PFP Lending is privately owned with no affiliation to any lender.

We handle your personal information in accordance with the Australian Federal Privacy Act 2001as well as the Trade Practices Act, ASIC Act, the Fair Trading Act and the NCCP.

PFP Wealth – Advising on Investment Home Loans Central Coast

As a mortgage broking company, PFP Lending has access to over 35 different lenders to find the best loan that suits your needs. When you come to us for help arranging your finances you can be assured that we will access your full financial needs and recommend a lender that best fits your specific circumstances. Our Central Coast team of professional investment home loan advisors will work with you through the entire lending process, making sure that you get the best deal for your financial situation.

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Investment Home Loans Central Coast

Let us find you the best loan that suits your personal situation. The types of loans we deal with include, home loans, investment loan, self-employed loans and many more.

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