An Introduction to Home Loans Shepparton.

PFP Wealth specialise in all things financial including home loans Shepparton. Australians value trustworthy, personalised mortgage guidance. That’s why over 55% of all new home loans are written through mortgage brokers like PFP Wealth.

Buying a property is the biggest investment most of us will ever make. Working with a professional mortgage broker will give you the support and service you need to make sound financial decisions every step of the way from home loan application, right up to settlement

There’s a lot more to choosing the right home loan for your Shepparton property than just the interest rate. We’ll also explain how using a mortgage broker could be the right way to get a home loan that meets your particular needs. Essentially, using the services of a mortgage broker for your home loan takes the stress out of the home buying process and offers you constant support.

How Mortgage Brokers Help You.

Mortgage Brokers are a Safe to get Home Loans Shepparton.

Using a mortgage broker such as our team at PFP Wealth is just as safe as going to a bank—as we are all governed by the same laws and regulations.

Every time your mortgage broker recommends a loan product to you, we need to be able to prove to the regulators that it is not unsuitable for your needs and goals. That also means we must carry out careful research into your financial situation and ensure you can afford to repay any loan we recommend.

If a broker fails to follow this process, we risk losing our license and our business, so you can feel confident that we are always acting in your best interests. By contrast, banks usually only receive a fine if they fail to meet their obligations.

If you are wanting to get an understanding of potential repayments before you settle on a loan, use a mortgage calculator to see what your potential repayments could be and whether you can afford them.

5 Reasons to choose a mortgage broker over a bank.

Using PFP Wealth home loan specialists gives you the power of choice. We have relationships with multiple lenders. Giving consumers access to a broader range of loan options helps to keep lenders competitive with their rates. A more competitive loan market also incentivises lenders to constantly come up with better product features, and to keep their fees reasonable.

Getting a home loan through a mortgage broker is one of the most stress free ways to get a home loan. Our brokers assist you during the entire mortgage application process.

We protect your interests and help to reduce the incidence of a declined loan application by ensuring we have satisfied all the requirements of the specific lender.

Our brokers are not aligned to any one particular bank which gives you more options and potentially better deals.

Our brokers are well practiced in finding the right loan products and most competitive rates. We know lenders’ credit policies and are able to direct you to lenders most suited to your circumstances.

PFP Wealth mortgage brokers also give you more choice once you have obtained your home loan. We provide complimentary, obligation free home loan health checks to our customers on a regular basis and compare the market to ensure you still have the right loan for your needs. Making it easy for you to switch loans at any time also keeps the lenders on their toes.

Long-term Expertise from your Home Loan Specialists Shepparton.

When you choose a mortgage broker, you’re choosing a professional advisor who will be there for you in the long-term. We’ll provide advice and continual support beyond buying your home— you can ask us to help you secure additionalfinance products down the track, like a car loan or finance for your first investment property

We’re here for the long-term with whatever help you need. We can help you manage and stay on top of your home loan, as well as find ways to maximise your available credit and use your income wisely to build wealth for your future.

If you’re planning to switch mortgages, expand your property portfolio, or need other finance products like a car loan or business loan, we can also provide expert assistance with these requirements and many others.

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